Afterme Information Services

 Afterme Information Services

With Quality, Honesty & Pride

What we offer is simple, but what we do can be complex. But that's for us to think about and you to benefit from. With over twenty five years providing development, operations, business analysis and support, we are proud to have provided services to such companies as Hewlett Packard, Agilent Technologies, Glaxo and Random House to mention but a few.

Time and technology has marched on and what was only available to the very richest companies is now becoming affordable to companies with more local focus, markets and budgets. We have broken with the norm in deciding to distribute that accumulated knowledge to local businesses servicing the very communities we ourselves live in.

Afterme operates in a collegiate way where everyone prides them selves on the jobs they do with quality, honesty, pride and care. Our commitment to our clients and each other is total and makes us a compact and powerful unit.

It is our goal to be instrumental in making the very communities we inhabit thrive and prosper in the face of an increasingly fragmentary and remote landscape of goods and services provided by companies that cacoon themselves from their customers in a swathe of technological barriers and geographic dislocation.

So email today for a no obligation chat about the next big thing on your businesses horizon.