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20000 Leagues: Everyone's A Winner Baby?
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We’re living in a caring, sharing Fifa fair play connected world where everyone deserves a medal, we’re all on the same side and group-hugs are de riguer in the locker showers. Men cry over emotions more than injuries and everyone’s a winner baby. Pah, piddle and tosh. For every winner, there are many, many losers, making us a global collective of underdogs and failures. And yet we battle on against insurmountable odds because we’re driven by our inherent capacity to best our enemies. And this DNA-encoded need for battle has splintered into a bajillion types of sports and games the majority of players are losing every nano-second. Why? To fight on so that one day they might know what victory smells like, which is apparently rather nice - a bit like oranges. So our goal at 20, 000 Leagues is to help you in your on-going quest to whiff victory and join the crème da la crème who sit atop a mountain of almost-rans to claim your rightful title of winner. Whatever your battleground, be it racquet in hand, ball at foot, or cards on table, 20, 000 Leagues is the place to play dirty, play clean, play hard and play fast. Because not everyone’s winner baby.

20000 Leagues is an example of a mobile app with many features and integration with Facebook and it's own associated web site. This is an example of the depth and bredth of development expertise Afterme can offer you.

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Smoke Alarm: Never Quit Quitting
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Congratulations on choosing to quit smoking. SmokeAlarm is here to help you cut down and cut out smoking - for good! Start living free of smoke breaks, poor health and unnecessary expense. SmokeAlarm helps you quit smoking by learning about your habit and goals, then creates a personalised schedule to help you reach them! SmokeAlarm is always on duty, reminding you when it is time for a smoke and noticing when you are in a smoking ‘Hotspot’ that may weaken your resolve and have you reaching for the cigarette packet. SmokeAlarm runs quietly in the background on your device - ready to protect you from moments of weakness and keep you on track as you quit smoking.

SmokeAlarm is an example of a medium weight app with no external integration, but with superb custom interface design and rich functionality exploiting many of the iPhones capabilities

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